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" Where Your Art Matters "

Artist Owned and Operated since 1996



Artistic Indulgence

Established 1996

Artist Owned and Operated since 1996 by Mike Menasco (CPF Certified Picture Framer) and Irene Kawalec-Menasco.
Artistic Indulgence is a small yet tenacious business. We have survived America's most horrific terrorist attack, 2 wars, relocating to MPLS
from Oklahoma , the collapse of the 35W bridge in MPLS, and the worst economy in 60 years. Just recently we had to move from our location of 10 years due to rent increses. It has been a long tough road but
we are here and appreciative of our clients support.

Artistic Indulgence is a Conservation Custom Frame Shop which Features our studio and Fine Art Gallery.
We have only one Framer to give your artwork all the respect it deserves(leaving less chance for art damage due
to moving from different framing stations within most Frame shops.)

Our framer is certified through the PPFA (Professional Picture Framers Association)with over 20 years in the framing industry.
We frame to protect your art as long as possible by only using the best conservation materials available today.

" Where Your Art Matters "



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