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Jackson Dainty

" Deep within our expression our soul dreams
— the canvas is my dream journal…”


An Odyssey of the Artistic Spirit


Like many great artists, Jackson Dainty is always ahead of the curve,
constantly pushing the boundaries with his art. Art that is hailed as
cutting edge. His style has gained recognition as fresh and contemporary.
Funny to say, this is the way people think today about a style Jackson
created more than 20 years ago.

Jackson Dainty's artistic career has taken many unique twists and turns
that might seem torturous, even for a self-taught artist. He began his life
adventure as a painter but was soon making a living as a commercial artist
for Naegele Outdoor Advertising. He acquired many artistic titles in his
career such sign painter, architectural designer and eventually art director.
Although such titles can be prestigious in the art industry Jackson found
himself yearning for more of a simple life...

A New Adventure

This new chapter came as a stint living close to nature, and not much else,
way up in the forests of the Minnesota/Canadian border.

Wanting to resume his artistic quest, Jackson eventually left this minimalist
life and returned to Minneapolis. He continued to try to fulfill his artistic
creativity as painter, musician, freelance graphic designer, and art director
for multiple advertising agencies. Among his commercial accomplishments,
he has designed advertising campaigns and learning modules. He did many
projects for the Carlson Learning Company whose clients included Mitsubishi
Automotive, National Westminster Bank of New York and Mary Kay

In the early 90s he realized he needed to follow his true artistic calling and
work exclusively on his original fine art and writing projects.

Pursuing his dream as artist and author ultimately lead Jackson to
Los Angeles, California. He made a living selling prints of his original works
on Venice Beach until the market for the originals themselves began to take
off. The West Coast odyssey was inevitable, and Dainty’s focus became
stronger and stronger toward his desire to relate a message to the world
about the great human ability to dream and grow. This bold move brought
him much acclaim and personal satisfaction.

Jackson’s artwork can be found in private collections in California,
New York, Minnesota, Arizona, Australia, New Zealand and many other states
and countries around the world.


All works Copyright Jackson Dainty and Cannot be used in any form.


"Riding on Anscestry"

Acrylic on Arches



Still Life of Vase Nymphs


Bass Melody


Circulous II



The Coolest Most Extreme He She Cat

In Dreams We are One

Stone Arch

Jazz Night

Jazz Riff

Loves an Art


The Man in the Moon in the Box

Painted Warrior, Painted Sky

Summerian Boulevard

Tonal I

Tonal II

Tonal III




Yinish - Yangish


Burnt Passages






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