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The Scrimshaw Art of Charles W. Conner III




"Charles' scrimshaw is done solely by hand.
The same way it was done by early whalers. He engraves
freehand with the use of a metal scribe
which creates thousands of tiny scratches which
comprise each scene."



Commissions Welcome






" Vantage Point"

Sabertooth and Wooly Mammoths

on Mammoth

7 1/2" x 4 1/2"


Ivory Billed Woodpeckers

on Mammoth Bark

Custom Coca Bola Wood Base

5" X 7"




Click here for detail!

Bull Elk with Cows

on Mammoth Tusk Chunk

Custom Coca Bola Wood Base

4.25" X 6.75" (includes base)



Click here for detail!

Cougar with Mule Deer

on Mammoth Tusk Chunk

Custom Coca Bola Wood Base

4.75" X 7.5 " (includes base)






Both of these pieces are scrimmed on a matched pair from the same Mammoth Tusk (Bases are slightly different sizes)



NOTE: No Mammoths or Fossilized Walrus Were Harmed During the Making of this Art!


Custom Hardwood Bases Included in Pricing

( To place an order please email )



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